SEO Settings For Blogger (Basic To Advance SEO) 2019

SEO Settings for Blogger
SEO Settings for Blogger

Hello friends, my name is Prakash and today I am showing you all the settings for bloggers that are useful in SEO. I am starting with basic then advanced SEO settings for blogger. Follow These Steps For Make Your Blog/website SEO Friendly. (Basic To Advance SEO settings )


Why you need SEO?

In online marketing and digital world, we need to rank on google first page but it is not possible because the millions of websites are waiting for rank on the top of the Google search.

the actual need for SEO in your blog shopping website and your kind of services if you are giving to the customer so you need as your SEO (Basic To Advance SEO).

Today I am discussing only for the blogger and who create a blog and then post on their

SEO setting for blogger

1. Basic SEO Setting.

In the basic setting, there is three option title description. Both settings are important in blogger SEO because the title defines your website and the description is defined about your blog.

Fill all the settings like this image below

Basic SEO For Blogger
Basic SEO For Blogger

2. Enable https on your blog or website.

where are the two types of your website one is starting for HTTP and one is starting for https HTTP is a good but it is not secure in all browsers and your website may be not open in some browsers.

https is very secure and safe for serving any website so all the browsers support https then you need to move your blog into https it is a very simple process to move your blog in https.

Follow the image and your blogs turn On into 5 minutes.

Enable Https On Blogger
Enable Https On Blogger

3. Enable SEO Meta Tag Description.

A meta tag description is important for Google crawlers. With the help of a meta tag description, Google crawler decided what is in your blog or your website the matter disease description is in the form of code.

Simply go to the meta tag description and enable the description on their blog to follow the image for the meta tag description is an important part in SEO Settings For Blogger

Meta tags Description For Blogger
Meta tags Description For Blogger

4. Enable Your Custom Robot TXT.

you need to copy the code I am giving below and paste in your blogger setting the image is guide you where the code is tested in your blogger account.

User-agent: Media partners-Google
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /

Enable Your Custom Robot TXT

Paste this code and do not change anything because this is the default setting.

5. Enable Your Custom Robot Header Tags.

In the blogger setting, you find the custom robots header tag on the setting section of the blogger. This is the section in which you need to pay attention because this setting is very critical for any new user in the blogger.

This is the setting for all the blogger are website is same so copy all the steps given into the image and apply on your website or blog in blogger.

Enable Your Custom Robot Header Tags
Enable Your Custom Robot Header Tags

Video For Blogger SEO :

Some Advanced SEO Setting For Blogger

Advanced SEO Setting For Blogger
Advanced SEO Setting

1. Use Custom Domain On Your Blogger.

first of all, you need to buy a domain for your blogger because the blogger gives you a subdomain which is not good for SEO. It is also not good for your website and your website URL is not looking good. You need to buy a custom element from or Your purchase anywhere.

And set up the custom domain on your blogger.

These are the few steps. how to set up your custom domain.

1. You need to create a name record in your DNS

2. Paste the given codes on your DNS.

3. After pasting for those code in c name record.

4. Create a name record and page the IP address on your domain DNS server.

Follow the image instruction:

Use Custom Domain On Your Blogger
Use Custom Domain On Your Blogger

2. Use the Google webmaster tool for index your blog post.

if you need traffic and visitor from Google you need to set up the Google webmaster tool. This is the tool that is provided a free listing in Google search.

Submit Post on Google
Submit Post on Google

How to set up the Google webmaster tool?

1. Create a webmaster tool account

2. Type your domain.

3. Copy the HTML tag which is given by the Google webmaster.

4. Paste your HTML tag below the head section of your blogger theme.

5. And submit your sitemap on Google generator sitemap on this website –

3. Used small permalink for your post.

When you are writing and typing your post there is an option right-hand side in the blogger create a permalink as shorter as possible.

Because the permalink is the main words that are is enabled in your blogger post link. The small permalink is easy to crawl in Google. The small permalink is good for your is an important part in SEO Settings For Blogger

Used small permalink for your post
Used small permalink for your post

4. Use Description For Your Blogger Post.

This is the new option in blogger you can add a separate description for your post.

So you need to add a separate description for your blog you need to visit the right side section on your blog post there is an option call self-description to paste your 180 words description.

Follow the image instruction for the best SEO setting.

Description For Your Blogger Post
Description For Your Blogger Post

5. Use Responsive Theme For Blogger.

the theme is very important for your blog because the audience which is come on your website. They meet to find the content easily and in good form. If your blogger template is not responsive mean it is not open completely on mobile. It’s mean you are losing the mobile audience and Google is not thank you in search.

You need to download the best responsive theme for your blogger and customize is an important part of SEO Settings For Blogger.

There is some responsive theme for your blogger:

1- Ratio magazine style template – Download Now

2- Dex: Modern Blog/Portfolio Blogger Theme – Download Now

3- Amazin Multipurpose Blogger Template – Download Now

4- Elice  – Download Now

More Blogging Tips – Click Now

Bonus Tip SEO Setting For Blogger

1. Use AMP Theme For Your Blogger.

Why AMP?

Because the AMP themes are very fast and need to install the empty AMP theme on your blogger for getting more views from Google. BECAUSE GOOGLE IS PROMOTING THE FASTEST WEBSITE ON THE TOP OF THE SEARCH RESULT.

Download AMP For Blogger – Download


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if you have any suggestions and your secret setting for your blogger please comment below.


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