PUBG Mobile will be getting a new Domination Mode under the EvoGrounds section.

PUBG Mobile is Yet Again Copying Call of Duty Mobile With ‘Domination Mode’
Image: Wynnsanity (YouTube)

Ever since Call of Duty Mobile was released, there have been a lot of comparisons with PUBG Mobile. Now since both the games have been developed by Tencent Games, there are bound to be some similarities. Recently we saw a new loadout feature added to the team deathmatch mode and a beta update hinting that the game might soon add drones.

Now we have stumbled onto yet another feature, rather a new mode, that is going to be added to PUBG Mobile very soon and is already available on COD. Thanks to a beta gameplay video from popular PUBG Mobile streamer and Youtuber, Wynnsanity, we have an early look at the upcoming ‘Domination Mode.’

The YouTuber is seen testing a new beta version (0.16.5) of the game and confirms new changes to the EvoGrounds section. Based on the Warehouse map, there are two modes now- Arena Training and Team Deathmatch. Arena training offers the older team deathmatch experience where you spawn and pick from a selection of guns and jump into action. Whereas Team Deathmatch is the new version that has a loadout that you can set before entering the match. For some reason, the team deathmatch mode based on the Ruins map is now called ‘Assault.’

Of course, the newest addition is the Domination Mode with a new map called Town. Basically, this mode is a bit of a rip-off from Call of Duty where you and your squad have to capture an area by staying there long enough to achieve domination. There’s a progress bar on the top to confirm your percentage. There are a total of three areas marked A, B and C and are activated during the course of the match. The team capturing two areas wins. Also, there is no limit on kills and spawns in this mode. The new map does look interesting and there are some vantage points to give you an extra edge in the game.

There is no confirmation from PUBG Mobile or Tencent around the new mode yet, but considering Wunnsanity is a legit PUBG Mobile YouTuber, we can expect the new EvoGround changes with the new Domination Mode arrive in a future update. Here’s the full gameplay video and do subscribe to Wynnsanity if you like PUBG Mobile:

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