Today I am explaining to you how to make a viral video on your YouTube channel. If you follow me all the steps I am explaining in this article definitely get a viral video on your YouTube channel. I am explaining all the algorithm follow by YouTube.

So if you are a creator and not getting views on your YouTube channel so please read this article and share it with your every friend who creates a video and doesn’t get views on it. in this article, I explain all secret steps followed by big YouTubers to make billions of views on their videos.

How To Find A Viral Topic For Viral Vidoe?

Before making a video we need a topic that covers our video then we received the father steps so how can I find an overall topic on the internet. I am showing you a very easy step on how to find a viral topic on YouTube.

Google Trend Website

This Tool is the most useful tool if you are a YouTuber you need to use this tool for your YouTube videos. Google Trend is a free tool and you can access your mobile phone all your computer. Basically, they show you the top searches on YouTube and web search and we need only YouTube.

How to find a trending topic 

In the Google, Trend website click on the trending section. the Google trend shows all the trending keywords and videos on the basis of category and your country. You need to select your category and your country for finding the best result on the Google trend website.

The Google trend so you delete search Trend and real-time search trends. The daily search trends so you in 24 hours search results. In real-time search trends for you every second search on YouTube or Google. For making YouTube video viral you need to select the real search trends category.

In the real-time search trend category, you find the top 18 topics with their categories for select your category and apply for the result. now you can see which topic is trending on Google so you can easily find out which topic you need to create a video to get viral on YouTube.

If you are making a video on Google trend search terms so you get a higher chance to viral your video on YouTube because the most searches on Google are this.

How Does The YouTube Trending Section Work?

Now if want to go in the YouTube training section then you need to understand how YouTube training session works and how they are promoting your video on YouTube trending section. in the YouTube training section, they are some category like music live gaming news and movies action so if you are in this category you can easily rank on the training section.

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This is my experience and my research that I am so in this article so it’s maybe wrong or right for some people.

VPS (view per second) Foe Make Youtube Video Viral

Your video follows this step then you can get easily go in the YouTube training section.

The VPS system defines your video views per second how many clicks your video gets in one second. If your video gets 100 clicks per second then you can easily rank on YouTube trending section.

Share the video on social media

YouTube sharing is the most important part to make your video viral and gone into a training section. why I am telling this because if you observe any video on trending that gets high rated sharing on every social media like Facebook Instagram and Twitter. If you want to make a viral video then you need to gets variable content on your video if people see your video you get definitely high views on your video.

Create engagement in your video

Engagement like your comment and like-dislike ratio. For YouTube is not matter your like and dislike ratio if you want to make your video viral on YouTube so you need to engage your audience in your comment section and like and dislike button. no matter if people like your video all this like your video if you getting a high dislike ratio then no problem you may be chance to viral your video.

This is the three most important steps which I am following in my videos and get more views than the previous one so you need to follow this step and comment me its working or not.


you can easily viral your video by following these steps and if you follow this step and complete this method perfectly no one can stop you. Your video definitely got viral and in training sections.

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(1) Where can I share YouTube videos?

you can share YouTube videos on every social media and on your WhatsApp with your friends and relatives. Follow these steps for getting higher views on YouTube videos.

(2) How do I promote my YouTube videos?

the best method to promote your YouTube videos is social media only social media can viral your video and your content because social media is a useful platform with millions of users.

(3) how many views in YouTube videos to making money?

After changing the YouTube algorithm you need 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscribers. Then you make money on YouTube with your video.


If your video getting 100 clicks per second then you are definitely going in the training section and your video has gone viral.

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