Android Best Blogging App Which Helps In Your Blogging Life. Simple And Easy To Use Apps. [Free] For Android. So this is the top 12 app I am selected for you to help you in your content management and writing articles for your blog or website.

Best Blogger Apps 2019 For Android

  • WordPress – Website & Blog Builder

First, are the WordPress website and blog builder it is mostly used for Android users because the Blogging App is a very user-friendly and neat and clean UI for users. if you run your website or blog in WordPress you need this app on your Android phone.

you can track your statics and your blog post statics with this app and you don’t need to open your admin panel again and again for checking your status and manage your post.

If you are not trying this app right now so please one time try this app is very useful for all the bloggers should do not sit on the computer table all the time. it is useful to operate your website with this Best Blogging App.

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  • Blogger Android Application

The blogger is the content writing an app on your Android phone it is official by Google and after installing this app you maybe e not interested in this app because this app UI is not user-friendly and not good for working on this Best Blogging App.

if your blog or website run on blogger platform then you need this app for writing content on your blogger and manage with this app if you are not able to run your computer all time for managing your website post then you need this app download this app on Play Store.

This app is highly compressed and easy to use only select your Gmail ID and they automatic connect your blogger website and so all the post.

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  • Tumblr

Tumblr is the platform like blogger and WordPress if you do not use the tumblr you don’t need this app because this app is only for the Tumblr users.

If you are a Tumblr user then you need this app for managing your content post and your traffic with this Best Blogging App.

this app does not look like blogger this is very interesting to you why you don’t need to worry about this app is very e fewer resources used in your phone so you can easily use it in any kind of smartphone. If you are blocked you must have the Tumblr app for your website.

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  • Google Analytics – Monitor Traffic

Google Analytics is a Google program that helps you to track your audience and you the audience reaction on your sides by Google analytics tool.

the Google analytics tool is available on PC you can easily and very simply manage your analytics account with your computer but if you need this analytics tool on your Android phone.

You can download the analytics on your Android phone with your Play Store the app is available on the PlayStore you can easily go and download. this Best Blogging App is very useful for all the bloggers who run their website and sell any product online.

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  • SocialPilot – Social Media Tool

You are thinking why I am including the social pilot on these blogging tools so, the social lot is the only app that provides you with all the social accounts on your single app.

In case your memory is full but you need the social media app for your content management and using the social media platforms then you need to install this app is amazing features with all the social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc..

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  • Google My Business

Google my business program is run by Google they officially run worldwide. You can use this Google my business tool for setting up your business online on Google. The tool provides you set up with your location and address with your phone number on Google maps and Google search with your business.

this tool provides you with the Android app for your Android smartphone you can easily download the Android app for your smartphone and manage your Google my business profile with this app.

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  • Google AdSense (Best Blogger App)

All the bloggers know the Google AdSense because Google AdSense is the most trusted at the network by Google. Google AdSense provides the panel for your website to manages your websites with their panel.

You can access the all the features in your desktop panel with your smartphone you can easily download the Google AdSense app and use the Gmail ID for signup and easily access all the things like how many earnings you got today yesterday and how many clicks you get all the things are given on the Google AdSense.

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  • Grammarly Keyboard — Type with confidence

Grammarly is the extension and the website provides in the PC for correcting your paragraphs and sentence and check the grammar errors and suggest you for editing. This tool is not completely free because this tool is paid but the free version is enough for you if you are writing content on your website you can use this tool.

Now the Grammarly does not provide an extension on your Android smartphone because your smartphone is not capable to run an extension on your phone so the Grammarly launch their keyboard feature on Android smartphone you can easily download the keyboard officially with Grammarly.

this keyboard provides you all the address and grammar mistakes you did on the paragraph they suggest you for editing you can easily edit all the articles if you mistake some spellings they suggest you and you can easily use this app with no extra extensive required.

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  • Google Drive – Cloud Storage

Google Drive is the official app by Google and you know why Google Drive is used if you don’t know what is Google drive you to need to research them the Google Drive is a cloud platform that stores your data up to 15 GB.

all the blogger need this app because the 15 GB data storage is small but it is enough for the small bloggers which run their videos on Google Cloud and embedded directly in your hosting so your hosting does not waste any space for uploading your video on hosting you can upload your video and all media on Google Drive and then direct link with your hosting.

This process helps you for minimum use of your hosting resources and disk space.

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  • Snapseed – Photo Editor

In Snapseed you can easily edit your photographs and this app is very useful for all the bloggers because all the flowers made their infographics and feature image for their post.

the bloggers use this app for making your feature image and the infographic this app is an amazing highly interesting UI with all the features necessary for photo editing this app is also provided by Google.

The special feature on this app the app is to provide all the features necessary in your photo editing and do not place any add and no hidden charges on this app.

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  • GAnalytics

Now if you are using Google Analytics Android app then you know the Google Analytics Android app is not sufficient for all the details which so in the Google analytics web browser this minimum details on they are Google analytics apps.

you need more details you can use the Analytics app for getting more detail with your Google analytics. you need to download this app and registered this app with your analytic Gmail ID then they fetch your data with analytics and show in their app.

this app is amazing features watch this video for getting more information about this app. this app only shows you an advertisement for using this app so if you compromise with the advertisement you get more in information about analytics and your side.

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  • FB Page Manager

If you are blocked you need a FB page for your blog if you not created your Facebook page get then you need to create your Facebook page and improve your traffic with your Facebook page.

The Facebook page is very helpful for increasing your traffic and set up like a brand you need all the social handle with your name so it is easier to set up your brand. In case your Facebook ok is not showing all the details about your page you can install the Facebook official page manager and you can manage you all pages on your account easily by this app.

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Any Useful Apps I Miss

This is all for me this is the most important tool and app which I am using for my blogging career and if I miss any app which is very helpful in blogging carried you maybe comment and I am update my post if your app is important for bloggers.

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