Facebook study app if you are interested in this app and generating some money from this app you can read this complete article. This Facebook study app is officially launched by Facebook so you can easily trust on them.

If you want to earn money with the Facebook study app you need a Facebook account with your link Gmail email ID then you can eligible for the Facebook study app. Before downloading this app and earn money with the Facebook study app you need to complete information about this app read this article carefully for your privacy and safety.

Earn Money With The Facebook Study App

The Facebook study is an app that is launch by Facebook for collecting the user data and their interest and giving some money for collecting data through this app. This app is launching in only two countries India and America. if you are not living on this country’s will not access this app right now in the future maybe Facebook provides this app on all the worldwide but at a time they are only available in only two countries.

You need to wait sometime because the Facebook study app is a new launch by Facebook and they do not promote this app for some reasons and you can’t register this app right now.

What Is Facebook Study App?

Facebook study app is like Facebook research app which is working last year but now it is closed by Facebook. this app is similar to the Facebook research app that is available on our play store and App Store. Now Facebook launches a Facebook study app and gives you an opportunity to earn some for pocket money through this app.

This app is mostly recommended by some of the YouTubers and content creators in my opinion if you are ready to compromise your data or your privacy then you can earn money with a Facebook studio app.

My requirement if you have an extra smartphone or secondary smartphone than you can you solve this app on your secondary smartphone with another Facebook ID by doing this your data and your privacy is safe and you get some money.

How To Enroll Me For Facebook Study App?

If you want to join the Facebook study app for making some pocket money for you then you need to wait for the or official announcement by Facebook because if you are trying today for sign up on this app you can’t sign up on this app do u need to wait for their announcement for officially by Facebook.
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For enrolling in the Facebook study app you need to get an invitation from Facebook by your Facebook account or email id. Once the enrollment and invitation are started I am updating my post and I am sending you the invitation link for the Facebook study app.

Facebook automatically sends you an email for an invitation to the Facebook study app. You need to link your Facebook account with your email ID.

How To Earn Money With Facebook Study App?

The main question is how to earn money with the Facebook study app. For earning on the Facebook study app you need to give access to your internet and your private details like contact, SMS, and your phone details.

Facebook study app collects your data in various and Facebook does not reveal how they collect your data and pay you. If you need more information about the Facebook study app – Read Official Page 

Facebook study App pays you by your PayPal ID. A similar app like Facebook study app is Google opinion reward. Google’s opinion reward gives you a survey of about 1 or 2 minutes survey and they give you some money for completing the survey. In Google opinion reward you can use the survey money in only Google Play Store for purchasing an app.
Download Facebook study App Link = Study App Download Now

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My Conclusion ( Opinion ) About Facebook Study App:

If you know my opinion for a conclusion on this Facebook study app so I am very excited about this because their Facebook gives some benefit to their user.

But if you do not compromise your security and your personal details like sharing data with Facebook. So that this app is not for you to stay away from this app because if you to install this app once on your mobile phone I think they read your all contact data with messages and your behavior then you can’t do anything after uninstalling this app the data is is upload on their service then my opinion if you are not compromising with your privacy don’t install this app.

Related Questions About Facebook Study App:

Q.1 How To Join The Facebook Research program?
A- you can’t join the Facebook research program in 2019 because the program is stopped by the Facebook officially and this program is no longer available.

Q.2 How Much I Make With Facebook Study App?
A- the fixed amount is not given on their pages and help forms they can’t say how many amounts you can earn with the Facebook story app. But if you need some approximate unit then I will say you 5 to 10 dollars monthly.

Q.3 Which Country Facebook Study App Working?
A- the Facebook study App launch in only two countries first in India and the second one is America you can’t access this app with other countries.