Today in this post I am explaining to you how to earn money from blogger for your any blocked website. You can easily and up to $1000/month. If you want to know how to earn money with a blogger. in this article, I am explaining all the methods to Earn Money With Blog Website.

What is blogging?

I think if you come to this article so so you can know how blogger works and how you can create your own website. If you have a blog and a great website so you need to do SEO in your blogger and your website for getting more traffic and more audience from Google.

If you do not know SEO setting for blogger click here – SEO Settings For Blogger (Basic To Advance SEO) 

How much money earn from Blogger (Blog)

A blogger has earned money with their blog and website. the blogger income depends on their blog and website. If a blogger does blogging a part-time job then they earn a minimum of $100/month and maximum value decided there website traffic. And the company who will hire the blogger for doing the blogging on their website they are earning $33,557/month. This value may be increased and decrease because of all the analysis and the data calculating on website traffic.

How much if you are new in blogging?

It all depends on your work and your website performance in Google Because of a new blog on only with showing an advertisement on his blogs. They all depend on their traffic and their hard work. If your blog getting a great amount of traffic on the blog so you can easily on a great amount in digital marketing.

How to earn money with my blog/Website?

 How to earn moneyThere is a various method to earn with your blog and website. Iron explains the egg most trending earning resources. all the learning resources are working great and making use amount of money in the blogging field.

Ad Networks

The ad network is a company that provides an ad for your blog and website. The ad network company collect the client ads and place on your blog the great example is Google AdSense. Google AdSense is the biggest ad network because the ad network provides you a great amount for showing ads on your blog or website.

How Does ad network work?

 AD NetworkA simple concept follows by the ad network companies all ad network company does not follow the same concept. But most of the companies follow the same concept as Google,, tombola, etc…

This ad network company creates two sections first advertiser and second one publisher. The advertiser gives money e for creating their campaign for their products and services. Then the ad network gives you the advertiser campaign ads on your blog or website. If your website gaining clicks on add the ad network pays you for each click for their ads.

And the ad network company cut its commission with advertising and publisher.

Best ad network for your blog or website:


Propeller Ads




Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the most favorite method for almost all bloggers. Because in Affiliate Marketing generate more revenue as compared to any ad networks. Day generates millions of dollars through Affiliate Marketing and they do not need to improve their website for Affiliate Marketing. In Affiliate Marketing you can sell any product with their fix commission. This method is using millions of bloggers who write a blog or website.

How does Affiliate Marketing work?

 Affiliate MarketingThe Affiliate Marketing work on commission base selling. In Affiliate Marketing you need to joint a company e who gives you a product for selling. If you sell their products and services so they give you a fix the amount of commission on product and services price. And they give you for each product commission.

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This method is is easier and best as compared to ad networks because in Africa that you can earn for each and every selling. 2 best method To Earn Money With Blog Website.

Best Affiliate Marketing Networks?

Amazon Associates.

eBay Partners.

Shopify Affiliate Program.


Rakuten Marketing Affiliates.

Sell your own E-Books

If you are a writer so you can easily on from creating your own E-books. Ebook readers are the best customer for creating a good amount of revenue. Create your own ebook on any topic for your visitors and sell your Ebooks.

If you are creating your ebooks so you need to impress your visited to buy your ebook.

Most of the bloggers use this method to earn a great amount of revenue from their blocks and website. You can try this method for increasing your revenue and do not miss guide your visitors because they do not come again on your website if they get the wrong information.

Sponsor Reviews/Post

Sponsor review is one of the most favorite methods which I am using on my own websites. You do not need anything the brand call you for their products on your website or blog. The brands need there product and services promotion in a low budget.

This method is highly recommended for those websites and blogs drive millions of traffic in a day. This is an amazing way of earning for all the bloggers who want to earn money from a blog.

Sell online course

If your website on education and technical category you can easily create and sell your online courses. The most of blogger who creates their website or blog for education. They give information about any software or any field like blogging, online marketing, digital agencies, SEO blogs, etc…

Which types of blog on the website easily create their own causes and launch on their website or blog then sale their causes and make a good amount of income with their courses. If your website telling something new and educational purpose so you need to try this method to increasing your revenue.

Direct Advertisement

Why we need direct advertisements on our blog or website. This is a very simple answer if you are going through an ad network company then cut there commission. Indirect advertisement the advertiser and contact you for giving her an advertisement on your blog website. In the direct advertisement, the commission is not going to the third-party website or agency. The advertiser pays more money for placing their ads on your blog and website.

This is the direct advertisement method if you want to take direct advertisement so you need to make a section on your website called advertisement with us then a company comes directly to your website and their contact you for placing their ads. the best method  To Earn Money With a Blog Website.

FAQ’s About How To Earn Money With Blog

(1) how do bloggers make money 2019?

In 2019 the maximum revenue generated buy Affiliate Marketing and taking sponsorship. The director’s advertisement is the second most revenue generated were in blogging 2019.

(2) which platform best for making money?

Your blog may be on WordPress or in blogger. WordPress is the best platform to make money in blogging fail.

(3) which blog is best for making money?

in the blog category the most revenue generated by the catch and technical bloggers. Take care of sponsorship and direct advertisement on their blogs.

(4) how to start a free blog and make money?

You can easily create your free blog on blogger and WordPress. Then you need to improve your blog in the AD Networks company then you can start earning with your Blog.

(5) what is the best free platform For Blog?

Blogspot is the best and easy way to earn money in blogging. The Blogspot is Google product you can easily trust on Blogspot. If you do not have money so go to Blogspot and start your blog for free.

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