Need More Traffic In Old Post You Are Open Wright Article. In many ways, it makes a lot of sense to promote existing content on your blog as it creates new content. Each site needs it’s a content section to succeed, but it’s important to recognize the many opportunities available to get more visitors / Traffic to the old content.

Here are some of my favorites Tips for Drive More Traffic To Old Posts:

Optimization For Keywords That Have Already Drive Traffic.

first, think why you need to Drive More Traffic on Old Blog Posts Than Look at the breakdown of the page by keyword page that brings traffic to your site. With these keywords and you can specify where your website is ranked in search Like Google, Bing Etc. and the total number of keywords Ranks. You can then optimize your content for this keyword by

(1) improving optimization on pages with the use of exact match keywords in the content and/or page title,

(2) use internal links on your site to point to pages with text links the key that is right for the keyword,

(3) consider building backlinks to the page if the number of searches or connections allow it. and this is a factor to improve the Traffic on Old Blog Posts.

Refreshing Content By Issuing Aging Signs

When the content is long, it shows. But a long time does not necessarily mean outdated. You can provide the old content for a new wave of popularity by changing or deleting many broadcast attributes that say “old.” Doing so may increase exposure and life expectancy.

Post date: Many of the great posts I’ve had published dates from both posts and URLs. This may seem strange to visitors at first glance, but this gives the content of greater opportunities to shine without a “tendency.”

Comments / Trackbacks: You may consider removing old comments and tracking completely if they refer to the age of the post.

Referrals have been given:(remove and update) You may have dated your content without realizing just what you have written. If summer and you refer to snow; or if you refer to a recent leave or another event that broadcast date, you may consider removing the referral. You should also consider updating some references to refer to more recent events.use these tips and see how many Traffic Drive on Old Blog Posts.

Make Your Old Post Title More Boring (Function)

I always face the dilemma of creativity over my function when I write the post title. Somehow, I often become more creative. This usually means that the post eventually attracts readers who have never come to the website otherwise. This dark side is that much of this post will not be found organically.

Consider changing the heading of old posts to include terms or phrases that people might search logically. After seeing a lot of client blog analytics. I can tell you that the posts most often found by organic search have a teaching title because people often seek directions, how-to, etc.

For example, the Search Engine Journal title titled “When Do You Pull The Plug On A Keyword?” It’s a great, creative title, but the title does not match what someone seeks. After the initial stage of “innovation”, I may assume changing the title to something boring, but more works searching. then some quick keyword research, you may change the title to “How to Identify Incorrect SEO Keywords (So You Can Choose This Right).” We do not shoot for literary fluency here. This is the last but not least tip for Drive More Traffic on Old Blog Posts

This is my best method to get more traffic on my old post. try and tell me it is working for you or not.

But I like my old content

In case you love your old articles and don’t change it, so keep your old articles as it is like a book. if you need more SEO tricks and pro tips comment below which topic you want. I will try to make your topic on my website.

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