Follow this step and image instruction you can delete your Google account Permanently easily. I am providing the email instruction for you it is very easy to follow all the steps with the images.

1. Go to Google Account Manager.

Follow this link and go to the Google account manager and confirm the Gmail ID which you want to delete.

2. Now Click On Data & Personalisation.

You can see the data and personal personalization button on the left-hand side click on the data and personalization section for the next step.

3. Click On Deleted a Service Or Account Button.

After completing the second step find the Delete a service or your account Button. Direct Link- hear

Scroll the same page and you can find the delete a service or your account button.

4. Now Your Deleted Google Account Button.

1. Delete A Google Services.

This option, you are able to delete only the Gmail YouTube and Google Plus account on the same email you are selected.

Gmail Account

YouTube Account

Play Game Account

Google + Account

2. Delete Your Google Account

Now Google asks for your password your Google account password. the password is needed for deleting your account from Google. Enter your password and the new page will open them some options like.

It Shows Your Upload Flies and Video On Google Account Like – Drive, Youtube, Blogger.

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tick mark the two boxes given below and click the delete account button. Click on the delete account button

Now your Google account deleted permanently. This method anyone can delete your Google account permanently.

 Your Google Account Delete Completely

Common Questions ( F&Q )

1- Can I Delete My Gmail Account Permanently Without Password?

Answer- No, You can’t delete your account without a password. you need the password To permanently delete your Google Account.

2- How I Delete My E-mail Account Only?

Answer- yes you can delete your email account in Google separately without deleting your full Google account.

3- Can I Recover Permanently Delete Gmail Account?

Answer- yes you can recover your permanently deleted Gmail account within 30 days. After 30 days you can’t recover your Gmail account.

4- How can I Delete Google Account With Mobile Phone(smartphone)?

Answer- you can delete your Google account with your smartphone. Follow the same step I am given in this article you can easily delete your account with your smartphone.

5. What’s Happen If You Delete a Gmail Account?

Answer- if you are deleted your Gmail account you can’t access the Gmail. you’re all the messages are deleted. You can recover this message within 30 days.

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