If you’re the type of person who is interested in specs and numbers then a phone with 12 GB RAM should be the kind of device that grabs your attention. And, that’s what Black Shark seems to be heading towards. There have been rumors floating around the internet which state that the Black Shark 3 could come with 16GB of RAM. Is this the next wave of smartphones, ones with incredible specs and even more processing power? 16GB of RAM is nothing to scoff at. 

Called the Black Shark 3 5G, the device was certified by MIIT, a Chinese certification website. In the certification, it revealed that the phone could possess 16GB of RAM. If anything, this could be the next big thing in the world of smartphones as it would make the Black Shark 2 5G the world’s first device with 16GB RAM. Tipser, @Sudhanshu1414 revealed the certification in a tweet a few days ago. The phone has the model number ‘SHARK KLE-AO’ and is touted to be the Black Shark 3 5G. 

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