Hello friends, My name is Prakash and you are visiting my website. If you come on this post so Congress you find the best way to get more traffic on your blog and website with Article SEO Tricks And how it is possible it is very easy only you can follow my steps which are mentioned below.

  • Make SEO Friendly Title For Your Post.

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  • Use The Keywords In The Article Post.

Now you are right of the best title for my blog and that you need the best keyboard friendly article for your blog or website.

How it’s happened!

if you are using your keywords in your blog or post article then it’s a high chance to rank your post on Google first page in search. Make sure your post has 100% unique content no matching content on your post because Google’s call does not read the matching content on your post. Use the Yoast SEO plugin for your WordPress website. It helps to find the best keywords on your post. You can add focus keyword in Yoast SEO.

  • Make SEO Friendly Article Description.

The description is the most important part of your post because the description is the second visible text on Google after the title. You need to optimize your description with SEO friendly keywords.

in blogger, you can find the SEO description on the right side of your post and the box contain 160 words description so you need to put your focus keywords on your description box. If you are using WordPress show you find the option in Yoast SEO. You need to fill with keywords and make sure you do not spend the description.

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  • Use At Least One Photo In Your Post.

use images in your article because the images are chance to get drunk in google images section on the top. there are completely best for your blog because they give you traffic to do the one single image.

you need to show your post image and it is very easy you don’t need anything in your blog upload image and click on the image then they have to option properties and caption you need to click on the property then alt tag in your image For make it searchable. If you are using Google photos you can see their millions of photo but the photo is uploaded on websites that are so in your Google images. if you need traffic then use the maximum image in your post the Google index your images on Google images section.

  • Inter-link Your Old Article In Posts.

Why the intel linking process is important for SEO. It answers very easy the interlink is helped your old post in google ranking. But you need the same category post which is links in the post.

The benefit of interlinking your old post on a new post is if any user and visitor who do not satisfied with your blog or if he needs more information then the interlinking fox their clicks on an internal link. Then they go to your old post and solve there issue or problem. the interlinking is good for your post as you and as well as your website for getting more traffic.

  • Outer Link In Your Post.

The outer link is important for the ranking of your post because you are giving an outer link it effectively increases your post rank in Google. Make sure your outer link is working well or a good website link.

If you are using outer links you need to find out where you out link your uses. if they related your post that’s good if they do not relate your post that in case you maybe lose your visitors and Google also penalized you for this mistake. If you outline any website that you make sure the link is working well and they are not broken.


if you need to rank high on Google and any search engine you need to optimize your article as well as your website. The article is the first impression to get an attractive audience because if you are good at SEO you need has a great article.

FAQ About Article SEO For Blogger.

(1) how to write SEO friendly article?

If you need traffic then you need to complete Yoast SEO of your website and as well as you need to optimize articles. Then you are on Google first page follow my normal steps.

(2) how to find the best title for my blog?

You need to find the low competition long tail keyword for your best SEO friendly title.

(3) how to optimize my image?

You need to add an alt tag in your image and add title description and caption to your images. It helps you to get rank on google images.

(4) how to add a tag on blogger?

you cannot add the tag on your Blogger you can add labels on your blogger do not provide you the facility of tags as compared to WordPress.

These are my tips and tricks for getting the height Position on Google search engine if you want to follow these tips. Dishoom needs any help the comment section is open for Only you.